HDPE Tank - High Density Polyethylene Tanks

Omkar Composites Pvt. Ltd has been in the market since 2014 as one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality industrial processing equipment. In a less time, we have manufactured a unique benchmark in the industry. We are one of the well-known HDPE Tank manufacturer and storage tanks supplier, of different types of PP storage tank, chemical storage tank and H.D.P.E storage tank. We are manufacturing the best quality tanks by admirable and consistent high-quality raw material which increases the longevity of tanks, FRP Tanks, HDPE Tanks, PP Tanks, Scrubber System suppliers in Hyderabad, New Delhi , Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai, Surat, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Our manufacturing unit is attired with advance and devoted equipments that are why our products are vastly consistent and better-quality in domestic as well as global market. We are manufacturing the tanks under the supervision of experienced professionals and standard workflow, so we can deliver the constant made-up goods to our clients. We are result-oriented and dynamic company who like to give the world class quality tanks to our customers as per their requirements and necessities.

hdpe Chemical storage tank


What is HDPE?

HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is one of the most frequently utilized plastics in the United States. This type of plastic is naturally found in milk jugs, plastic bags and refillable plastic bottles. Besides the plastic lumber and plastic furniture, recycled HDPE is further widely utilized to manufacture lawn and garden products, buckets, crates, office products and automobile parts. The HDPE plastic has different types of properties which help for packaging and manufacturing product. These HDPE is considered to be the stronger than standard polyethylene, that acts as an effective barrier against moisture and remains solid at room temperature. Further these HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or during it’s utilized by the consumer and there’s no toxic chemical into the soil or water.

Benefits of HDPE

The below mentioned are the few topics provided as benefits of HDPE. There are three different types benefit of HDPE:

Ownership Benefits

  • Will not rot, crack, chip, peel, or splinter
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed to last for at least 50 years
  • Stain resistant
  • Graffiti-proof
  • Waterproof—salt water or fresh water
  • UV resistant
  • Impervious to insects and bacteria
  • Not affected by exposure to cleaning products, chemicals, severe weather or intense sunlight
  • Requires no painting or sealing
  • Easy to clean
  • Mold and mildew resistant

Economic Benefits

  • No expensive long-term maintenance
  • No replacement costs

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Cost-efficiency saves money for private consumers, local governments, and outdoor recreation organizations
  • Enhances the look of parks, homes and other sites while resisting graffiti and other common vandalism

Reason for Recycling the HDPE

  • HDPE Recycling will take away the HDPE plastic from the waste stream which means waste disposal costs can be abridged.
  • HDPE Recycling will offer a means of generating revenues from the HDPE plastic that is separated from the waste stream.
  • HDPE Recycling can lower waste processing labor costs that are required for handling the trash designed for the landfill.  
  • HDPE Recycling can be instrumental is streamlining largely waste processing operations.
  • HDPE Recycling can help with workplace safety and tidiness such as the reduction of fire hazards caused by excessive temporary storage of accumulated waste materials that include HDPE.

Advantages of HDPE

  • Low cost
  • Impact resistant from -40 C to 90 C
  • Moisture resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Food grades available
  • Readily processed by all thermoplastic methods

Properties of HDPE

HDPE Physical Properties: Value:
Tensile Strength: 0.20 - 0.40 N/mm2
Notched Impact Strength: no break
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion: 100 - 220 x 10-6
Max. Continued Use Temperature: 65 oC (149 oF)
Melting Point: 126 oC (259 oF)
Density: 0.941 - 0.965 g/cm3
Tensile Strength: 0.20 - 0.40 N/mm2

What is HDPE Tank?

HDPE is well-known for its large density to strength ratio. The density of HDPE can range from 0.93 to 0.97 g/ cm3 or 970kg/m3. Despite the fact that the thickness of HDPE is just hardly higher than that of low-thickness polyethylene, HDPE has small spreading, giving it more grounded intermolecular powers and rigidity than LDPE. The distinction in quality surpasses the distinction in thickness, giving HDPE a higher particular strength. It is additionally harder and hazier and can withstand to some degree higher temperatures (120 °C/248 °F for brief periods). High-thickness polyethylene, not at all like polypropylene, can't withstand regularly required autoclaving conditions.

Omkar composites is considered to be one of the well-known manufacturers, supplier and exporter in numerous industries coming with one more Eco friendly choice in terms of HDPE tank, designed to survive stern environmental context, while delivering longer shelf life in a cost competent manner. Over years, our manufactured HDPE Tanks are having the proven in variegated segments as an extremely durable, quality product with an exceptional lifespan. We are manufacturing the HDPE Tanks due to their superior physical and performance advantages of the HDPE (High density polypropylene material and its lower cost.

Our manufactured tanks are highly requested by the customers in the industries for its highly engineered construction and reliability. We are providing the tanks as per the specification stated by the clients and have gained substantial popularity in the industries for its outstanding performance under any environmental conditions. Our offered HDPE Tanks are ISO certified quality standards, whilst German heat fusion welding technology utilized for sealing joints that make sure 100% leak proof construction of the offered range of HDPE Tank exporters in Malaysia, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Taiwan.

What are the ranges of HDPE Tanks?

With the help of the ultra modern butt welding technology we are able to introduce the most innovative range of the HDPE Tanks globally. The inexorable benefits of this butt fusion technology in conjunction with high corrosion resistance property of HDPE tanks and even the cost of the tanks has made us the most preferred tanks globally. In addition, our range of HDPE tanks has gained considerable pace in replacing old storage tanks in the areas that include fuel station, water storage application, and rainwater storage and desalination plants.

  • HDPE Storage Tank
  • HDPE Chemical Storage Tank
  • HDPE Spiral Tank
  • HDPE Water Storage Tank
  • HDPE Vertical Tank
  • HDPE Horizontal Tank
  • HDPE Underground Tank

Features of HDPE Tank

  • We are using the virgin raw material and latest manufacturing technology.
  • With a high corrosion resistance HDPE Tanks are inert to most chemical and so not need any extra anti-corrosive lining work.
  • The offered tanks are having high impact strength and 100% stress free construction to give excellent durability.
  • Due to homogenous construction spiral tanks are completely leak Proof, which minimize the product loss due to shutdown. Tanks do not require any paint, lining or anti corrosive treatment, hence they have a long trouble free life.
  • Our clients can avail the tanks at the most reasonable cost due to their unique features.
  • The tanks can be accessible in a very wide assortment of standard sizes and can be made in any shape and capacities with appropriate fixtures and fittings.
  • All accessories like Flanged inlets and Outlets, Valves Sight Glass, Float Level indicator, Cap type or Flanged Manhole and its Covers etc and special accessories like Body Flange, Baffles, Cooling Coil, Stuffing Box, Calibrated Glass Level indicator etc for Reaction Vessel can be provided as per customer's specifications.

Why to select Our HDPE Tank?

Having over years of experience, we have been able to make a standard growth and success in the industry due to our outstanding quality and highlighting attributes of products offered by us. Our trustworthiness in dealings and reasonable practices of business process has empowered us to pick up the trust of vast number of supporters, situated in diverse parts of the country. Aside from these, there are variegated different variables that empowered us to possess an honorable position in the profoundly aggressive market.

These factors are enlisted below:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality approved products
  • Client centric approach
  • Large product line
  • Sophisticated infrastructure facility
  • Prompt delivery




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